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Q: What is the purpose of this layout and why have this info on-line?
A: Purpose is working sample with non-relative company information. The real layout would be kept on a CD, Floppy or some other stand alone media in a safe, until needed.

Q: Would this not already be in place at every company?
A: I have seen networks grow overnight without any true planning and only one person may know the login information required to make changes, if that. Yet it's never to late to document what you have.

Q: First off, thanks for the free lesson. Question, how would we go about contacting you?
A: all inquires are welcome, and looking forward to assisting.

Q: You have five devices facing the outside world! What happened to the firewall, why even bother with one?
A: "You have a window in your house! Why bother locking your door?" Multiple routes and servers have been in debates for many years, which is not the focus of this sample. It is to show a simple method of documenting what is in place, rather than debating configuration. Yet be assured each system has a firewall.

Q: The examples of iptables a real setup?
A: Not at all, they are only for a reference of data.

Q: Why have everything open a new window, for that matter why not all information in one document?
A: Personal preference of liking more than one document open. It would be done however the customer preferred.

Q: Why do you have the two switches pointing to internal IP's?
A: Just for fun, as I see them a bit. If it does resolve a factory setup, like a linksys router or wifi until, you may want to check and modify some settings.